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The “To-Do” List…

Not gonna lie, I’m starting to regret taking a couple months off from wedding planning!  I sat down the other day & began my “To-Do” list for the next 4 months.  Within 10 minutes, 3 pages were filled with tasks.  Ahhhh!!!

Since then, though, I have been a crafting machine!  (if you hadn’t already noticed from my previous posts)

Take a look at my current craft station, also known as the dining room table…


The welcome bags for our hotel guests are decorated & ready to be filled with goodies.  The “ribbon dancers” for our exit from the church are well under way.  Now, I’m putting the finishing touches on our response cards.  That’s almost 3 check marks on the list!!!

Sidenote:  Is anyone else a little obsessed with To-Do Lists?  I find great joy in crossing things off that bad boy!  So much so that I might add things I’ve already done on a particular day just so I can check them off.  Don’t judge!  😉


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