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  • G’day! My name is Rebecca Joy.

    Some call me Rebecca, others "Becks," & my Dad lovingly refers to me as "Beckaroo." Take your pick! When I'm not behind my camera or working my day job (I double as an accountant), you can find me at the beach, snuggling up with my furbaby or learning to be a domestic diva.

    I love being married, photographing you getting married, and being able to tell your story after the vows.

    Thank you for stopping by & I can't wait to meet you!

Meet my friend Nikki.  She’s the founder of a wonderful organization called Full Circle, which specializes in promoting the potential of children and young people through training, workshops, and some super cool events.  This summer while I was in the States, we met up for a little morning photo shoot.  With all of the events she has coming up (including the release of a new book), she needed headshots that showcased her awesomeness.  (My words, not hers… she’s much too modest!) ;)

Nikki is also kind of (or totally) a badass and has just finished writing her 3rd book.  Yes, I said third.  Are you kidding me with that?!


Oh, and we have a shared love for delicious cupcakes.;)

Go check out the great work she’s doing here and here.  If you’re keen to volunteer or contribute to Full Circle’s cause, go check out their website!



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These two. I don’t even know where to begin, they are just that awesome. Kyle and I met during sophomore year of college (2005…whaddup?!) and he’s been my brother-from-another-mother ever since. When he met Laura and subsequently told his group of lady friends about her, we all knew she must be pretty darn special to stick around after the series of awkward dates that occurred. All I’ll say is he lost his car on their first date. For over an hour. In the city he grew up in. Ohhhhh, Kyle…;)Clearly, the quirkiness worked, though, because my best friend married the girl of his dreams.

And isn’t she just dreamy?!

So so pretty! And are you kidding me with that rockin’ bod?!

The father of the bride seeing his daughter for the first time… Laura’s dad is the sweetest!

This was the 1st “first look” I’ve ever shot and was a great way to start the day. Kyle’s reaction was priceless!!


Laura incorporated her grandmother’s memory into her bouquet with this beautiful brooch.

Daaaaaaang! These two are hot stuff!


Walkin’ it ouuuuut…

Funniest. Toast (Roast). Ever.

Their wedding cupcake tower was sooooo delish! I mean, you really can’t go wrong with maple bacon cupcakes.

’cause baby you’re a fiiiiiiire worrrrrrk!

Laura+Kyle, Thank you so much for allowing me to take part in your beautiful wedding day. I love you both more than words can describe! Hope you had an awesome time honeymooning in Alaska!!

Mucho love,


PS, These are some of my absolute favorite people in the world. Big thanks to my dad for snapping this photo of us all under one roof! I also owe a shout out to Mom Gurevitz for taking over my camera when we crashed the dance floor during “Firework.” Best impromptu 2nd shooter ever!:)

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