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  • My name is Rebecca Joy. My husband Kyle and I have recently gotten married & relocated to Perth, Western Australia after spending the whole of our lives in Indiana. When I'm not behind my camera or working my day job (I double as an accountant!), you can find me at the beach, trying a new-to-me outdoor activity, snuggling up with the hubs or learning to be a domestic diva. I love being married, photographing you getting married, and being able to tell your story after the vows. Thank you for stopping by & I can't wait to meet you!


You may recall seeing this family not too long ago… they were my first session in the new studio!  :)  I’m so very excited to announce their newest addition, the handsome Mr. Parker!

Maddi just loves being a big sister!

Love this shot of Mommy+Daddy!

My favorite!  These kiddos are just too sweet!

One of my favorite Parker faces… makes me giggle!:)

Congratulations, Cody & Ali!  …and welcome to the family, Parker!  I’m excited to watch you & Maddi grow up together!:)

Australia: In Instagram

Cheers, mates!;) If we’re Facebook friends, you’ve probably seen all of the Instagram updates while I was on my Australian getaway.  If we’re not FB friends, let’s fix this!  Stat.

In case you missed what I was up to, here’s the Instagram summary:

• Breakfast at Hay St. Mall • Discovered gourmet chocolate pizza • Stroll through Wellington Square •  Relaxing on a bench in Queens Park • Evening walk with the Mr. • Trek to Kings Park for a great skyline view • Kangaroo steak fajitas • Kiwi gelato • Afternoon at Cottlesloe Beach • “Fairy Floss” ice cream (think, Dippin’ Dots) • Playing with Roos! • Happy Hour with Kyle & his co-workers • Saturday=Beach Day • Kyle’s first-ever churro+chocolate •

Want to see more???  Oh, okay…;)

Kyle took me on a beach tour… First up, Trigg Point!

Scarborough Beach…

Dinner by the water in Fremantle.

We trekked all the way across Perth & up a steep, steep hill to Kings Park.  Once we made it, the view was so breathtaking–totally worth the journey!

Kyle had to work while I was in town, so I spent one of my afternoons relaxing at Cottlesloe Beach.

One of my “must-dos” while in Australia was to see a kangaroo.  Kyle took me to Heirisson Island in hopes that we might find a couple.  After about 45 minutes of walking around the island, searching, we stumbled upon a group of 6 ‘roos!  They were so relaxed & friendly– I wanted to bring one home for Buster to play with!;)

Like I said… verrrrry relaxed!  This guy was loving all the attention!

We woke up early on my last day in Perth to do a little body boarding at Trigg Beach.  Apparently, everyone else had the same idea, too!;)

Good bye, Perth!  Until we meet again…


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