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  • G’day! My name is Rebecca Joy.

    Some call me Rebecca, others "Becks," & my Dad lovingly refers to me as "Beckaroo." Take your pick! When I'm not behind my camera or working my day job (I double as an accountant), you can find me at the beach, snuggling up with my furbaby or learning to be a domestic diva.

    I love being married, photographing you getting married, and being able to tell your story after the vows.

    Thank you for stopping by & I can't wait to meet you!

In an effort to be healthier, I decided about a week and a half ago to start biking to work.  It only took me four months to finally start tackling that New Year’s Resolution!  Haha.  Better late than never, I suppose.  The first day felt like an adventure and was so invigorating.  Now that I’m pushing week two, it’s a little less exciting and a little more of a chore.  However, I do have more energy during the day and I am feeling healthier overall.  Here’s hoping I can keep this up!;)

Midway into Week 1, Kyle and I decided to go for a sunset ride around Swan River.  We packed a little picnic and hopped on the bike trail.  What a beautiful evening and a beautiful sunset…

(PS, These are all unedited.  Woot!)

Heyyyy, husband! ;)  I’m so sneaky!


How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?  I’ve failed at the one-book-per-month goal, but I’m hoping to make up for lost time when I’m on holiday in July!:)

We’re nearing the 8-month mark of living away from home (well, actually Kyle is at 1.667 years).  Aside from friends+family who are obviously missed, there are some things without which I am really tired of living.

Here’s what I am craving/have been living without:

-Trader Joe’s.  I miss pretty much everything they have to offer, but especially: roasted red pepper soup, cookie butter, the best-ever microwave mac ‘n cheese lunches, edamame, & Joe-Joe’s.

-Netflix.  Streaming TV shows & movies hasn’t caught on down under.

-Cherry Coke.  I found it at a department store once for $3.95 per can.  Because of that, in my mind it does not exist here–if it did, I would be breaking the bank for my caffeine fix!

-$4 Martini Night.  The “cheapest” martini I’ve found in Perth? $18.  I can’t wait to take advantage of Mesh‘s sweet deal the next time we’re home!

-Melty cheese.  We have yet to discover a store that sells Velvetta or anything similar to its deliciousness.  Boy, do I miss mom’s queso recipe with Velvetta…

-Speaking of cheese, shells & cheese is another thing that does not exist here.  One of my all-time favorites, especially after $4 martini night!;)

-Pepperjack cheese.  I miss tossing it in my scrambled eggs, on a salami sandwich, in quesadillas… it’s just so good!

…moving on from the cheeses…

-Superstores.  I think I took them for granted.  Growing up in the U.S., I thought it was normal to purchase a greeting card, hand weights, have photos printed & pick up a prescription all at the same store.  Here, that’s not so much the case.

-College basketball.  This was my first March where college basketball Madness wasn’t the only thing on television (it didn’t air here at all!).  Sad days.

-Free refills.  The only place I’ve found down under that let’s you refill a soda for free?  Ikea.

-Fast internet.  Some days our “high-speed” is reminiscent of dial-up.;)

-My car.  I haven’t driven in 8 months!  It’s pretty cool that we’re able to rely on public transport here, but I miss cruising in my smiley, bright blue Mazda3.

-Shopping.  I still haven’t adjusted to Perth’s cost of living and experience sticker shock every time I go window shopping.  Guess I’ll just have to stock up on new wardrobe items the next time we head home!

Most of all, I miss this snuggly little rascal…

Little Buster Boo is going to be soooo spoiled when Kyle & I make our next trip home!  I can’t wait for all of the puppy snuggles & kisses. :D

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