My Real-life Fairytale…England:Part 2

If you read my first post about England, you probably saw that I had some exciting news to share in Part 2.



When I tell you how the whole scenario played out, you probably won’t believe it.  Heck, I still can’t believe it!  Our proposal story was something like a fairytale, set in Lord March’s gorgeous estate.  I truly felt like a princess!

Every year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Lord March hosts a black tie ball in his home.  When Kyle heard that we were invited to this special event, he thought that it would be the perfect, once-in-a-lifetime place to ask me to marry him.  As the days leading up to the ball quickly passed by, (I later found out) essentially everyone but me knew about Kyle’s plan– including Dario Franchitti & Lord March!!  How crazy is that?!?  FINALLY, the day of the ball arrived and I was beyond excited!!!  You may not know this, but my not-so-secret goal in life is to become a Disney princess– and going to a ball, in my mind,  was like being a princess for one night.  :)

Here’s a photo of us arriving at the ball…

The handsome gentlemen/accomplices– Kyle, his dad Walter & Brad…

…and my lovely new friend, Elaine!

Upon entering Lord March’s home, we were directed to cocktail (i.e. champagne) hour in the back yard.  Isn’t this a beautiful view?!

A few images of the cocktail hour crowd…

The lovely Veuve Clicquot servers that ended up playing a key role in Kyle’s proposal…

So, before I tell you how he ended up asking, I’ll preface this with Kyle was flying by the seat of his pants.  He knew that he was proposing at the ball & that at some point, he needed to get the ring from his dad (who snuck it in without me noticing).  That was it.  We were sitting at our table…

…when Kyle noticed that they were packing up the champagne station outside.  He excused himself from the table, saying that he was going to ask if they were done serving for the night.  After a few minutes, Kyle returned to the table.  The story he told us was that they were packing up for the night, but one of the servers was going to see if it was okay to bring our table a bottle of their bubbly loveliness.  In actuality, he was telling the server about his plan to propose and asked if it was possible for a bottle to be brought to our table to toast.  The server checked with his boss, then found Kyle at our table to tell him champagne would be on its way shortly.

This is where the story gets a little humorous.  Kyle had a difficult time getting me away from the table.  He used every trick in the book, and for whatever reason, I didn’t find it odd that he asked me 5 times if I needed to use the restroom before dinner.:) After telling him no all 5 times, he had to get a little more creative.  He told me that when the server came over, he said he would be bringing champagne to the table, but also had a private bottle for us waiting in the back yard.  Thinking that Kyle was being greedy and not wanting to share, I scolded him & told him to go get the bottle and bring it back to the table to share with everyone.  Like I said, I made it difficult for him to get me away from the table.;) He kept pushing for me to go with him, and eventually I gave in– I mean, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a private bottle of champagne in such a magical setting?!

We started walking through the back yard, and passed this gorgeous tree… the whole time Kyle was scoping out the scenery, trying to decide where to ask!

We walked up a small hill and saw this path…

Kyle said we needed to follow the path and hang a right, just beyond the bushes…

Little did he know, there was a private Audi party going on… Oops!

As we turned the corner, we saw this lovely setup behind the Orangery… VIP lounges decorated with red roses & candles.  We walked up to the first lounge area and Kyle said the champagne was hiding behind the couch.

(btw… some of these photos were taken the day after– I didn’t have a camera with me while all of this was happening)

Now, at this point, one would think that I would have caught on to what was happening… but, alas, I was clueless.  He bent over to “pick up the bottle” which really meant “take the ring box out of his pocket.”  As he walked over to me, I still don’t think I knew what was going on– everything seemed so surreal, I felt like I was dreaming!  Kyle got down on one knee, asked me to marry him, I, OF COURSE, said Yes! & then we noticed Elaine hiding by the bushes trying to snap a couple pictures while a security guard was approaching us.

A few of the photos Elaine snapped…

The security guard told us that while we were in a VIP area, this was a special moment for all of us and we should take a seat, enjoy the moment and he would be back with some champagne for us to celebrate.  How awesome is that?!  After taking in what had just happened, we headed back to our table–but not before being congratulated by Lord March!  According to him, we are the first couple in the history of Goodwood to get engaged at his ball.  How’s that for a story?!

Kyle and I are so grateful for everyone that helped make our engagement a day we’ll never forget.  I don’t think I could have dreamt of a better proposal!  It was truly the best day of my life.  I can’t even say “THANK YOU!!!” enough… but, THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!!:D

Handsome–  I love you so much and can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together!  You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me… <3!!!

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